Man gets 35-year term for sex abuse

Dziedzic pleaded guilty to charges involving girl

December 12, 2003|By Stephanie Hanes | Stephanie Hanes,SUN STAFF

In the video, the little girl clutches her "blankey" and a stuffed dog named Dot, and tells social workers, in her 9-year-old voice, about the six years John Dziedzic sexually abused her.

In the courtroom yesterday, the judge, prosecutors, defense attorney, detectives and Dziedzic watched silently.

They had seen the pictures that graphically support the little girl's story, the digital camera shots that led to the child pornography and abuse charges. Dziedzic had pleaded guilty to the crimes.

The video, prosecutors said, was a chance to remind Baltimore County Circuit Judge Lawrence R. Daniels how young Dziedzic's victim was.

"Her earliest memories involve sexual contact," prosecutor Sue Hazlett said as she prepared the video. "I am certain that every day of her life she will remember this."

The judge seemed to need little reminding. After a full day of testimony, when it came time for him to sentence the 39-year-old White Marsh man, Daniels' words were pointed.

"Other than outright killing her, I don't know how much more damage he could have done to this little girl," he said.

Daniels sentenced Dziedzic to 35 years in prison for two sex offense charges - five more years than prosecutors had asked for.

Dziedzic has also pleaded guilty to federal child pornography charges. Although he has not been sentenced for those crimes, child pornography production carries a minimum of 10 years in prison.

Federal investigators said they were looking at Dziedzic for suspected child pornography possession when they found images that revealed he was making child pornography as well.

Social workers interviewed the child that investigators believed to be the victim. With a video camera rolling, the girl said that Dziedzic had forced her to perform sexual acts on a regular basis since she was 3.

At yesterday's hearing, defense attorney Edward T. Barry argued that because Dziedzic appeared to only have one victim, he was not a true predator, and should be sentenced in a way that would make it easiest for him to get treatment.

But prosecutors rejected that assessment, pointing to the constant abuse of the girl, and to the hundreds of child pornography images he had categorized on his computer.

"The offense is atrocious, it's horrible," said Assistant State's Attorney Robert J. Tully. "This person is in fact a predator under the law. He is organized, he is obsessed, and he is aggressive in what he does."

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