Brouillet, 17, wins state voice competition

Student achiever


December 10, 2003

The student: Mary Kate Brouillet, 17

School: Glenelg High

Special achievement: She earned a first place in voice at the Maryland State Music Teachers Association's spring choral festival.

How she became interested in singing: "My mom is a music teacher, and so I've just always had an interest in music and especially in musical theater. I love performing." She has been studying voice for four years. "I loved going to the theater when I was little and seeing performances. I never actually thought of pursuing it myself until I was about 12, when I realized that that's where my strengths were."

What was the competition like? She had never entered a competition before. "A lot of the other students who were there had previous experience, and this was my first year going. It was a little nerve-racking. I just did my best." Recently, she was one of 10 high school and college students selected to attend a Jerry Herman master class at the Kennedy Center. "He wrote the musical score for Hello, Dolly! I learned so much. It was really exciting for me."

Other activities: She performs in musicals and madrigals at Glenelg High. She is also a member of the Young Columbians, a teen professional touring group.

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