After phone call, C. Johnson all hung up


McAlister-led secondary limits the Bengals' star to 2 receptions, 15 yards

Ravens 31, Bengals 13

Nfl Week 14

December 08, 2003

Leaving it on the field

Ravens cornerback Corey Fuller was in the Cincinnati locker room after the game visiting Warrick, a former teammate of his at Florida State, and Johnson, a Miami native and friend of Fuller's.

"We're like this," said Johnson, squeezing his two fists together as a means of indicating his bond with Warrick and Fuller.

"The football game was rough, but these are my homeys, man, and when we leave the football game, all that stuff's over with," Fuller said. "They're just like family. And that runs deeper. We've got people at war outside of the country; we can't take this stuff off of the field."

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