Nfl Week 14

December 08, 2003


Player, Team Att Yds TD

Portis, Broncos 22 218 5

J. Lewis, Ravens 30 180 3

Henry, Bills 32 169 1

Taylor, Jaguars 24 163 1

Barlow, 49ers 18 154 1


Player, Team C-A Yds TD

Green, Chiefs 34-47 397 1

Culpepper, Vikings 21-33 274 3

Maddox, Steelers 19-28 266 1

Stewart, Bears 17-40 256 1

Garcia, 49ers 19-28 252 4


Player, Team Rec Yds TD

Tomlinson, Chargers 9 148 2

Moss, Vikings 8 133 2

Hall, Chiefs 11 124 0

Harrison, Colts 10 124 0

Boldin, Cardinals 9 123 1


"It seems like every time he catches it he ends up in the end zone. I should put him on offense." Bill Belichick, Patriots coach, on linebacker Tedy Bruschi's touchdown.

"Snow, mud, blood, who cares? It doesn't affect blocking and tackling. They just did it better." Adewale Ogunleye, Dolphins defensive end, on the field conditions in Foxboro, Mass.

"Once I hit that seam, I was looking up at the JumboTron and I figured it was over." LaDainian Tomlinson, Chargers running back, on his 73-yard touchdown reception.

"They were ready to go home. It was cold [30 degrees] and they had a long flight home and they've had problems with their coach." Hines Ward, Steelers receiver, on the troubled Raiders.

"Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to get to the lowest point in order to reach the highest in the future." Josh McCown, Cardinals backup quarterback, on struggling against 49ers.

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