Fired up with school spirit

Merry Xcess

December 08, 2003|By Meredith James

The grill. Symbol of masculine culinary endeavors. Throwback to the days of cavemen cooking woolly mammoth over an open flame. It is the sound of hamburgers sizzling, the aroma of juicy sausages, the unmistakable taste of flame-broiled steak. Perhaps the only setting in which a man shows more gusto than in his outdoor kitchen is at his favorite sporting event.

Now, with the Stainless Steel Collegiate Grill, your favorite griller can have it all. Along with its 18-by-24-inch cooking surface and 50,000 BTUs, this gas grill haughtily displays its owner's team spirit with his favorite college's logo and colors.

What's more, the Collegiate Grill includes a college logo brand right on the cooking grate, so the chef can create Michigan State Spartan burgers or Oregon Duck steaks. And it's portable enough to be transported to tailgate parties. The Grill Lovers catalog boasts the "grill is so rugged, it will endure season after season of game days."

But just to make sure it's safe, you might consider adding a Collegiate Grill Cover. Made of reinforced vinyl with a flannel backing, it will protect the grill - with a second layer of school pride.

The Collegiate Grill (item No. T7790905), $1,299; grill cover (No. T779062), $39.99. Call 800-241-8981 for a complete list of teams and to order. Illinois Fighting Illini grill (pictured) available online at

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