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Pro Basketball

December 07, 2003

UP: Tim Duncan

The mild-mannered two-time Most Valuable Player drew a one-game suspension for inadvertently knocking down an official. That's bound to do wonders for his street cred.

DOWN: Jack Nies

The referee in question, who should have known better than to get in the way of a pick. And giving Duncan a technical for such an obvious accident was a weasel move.

UP: Denver Nuggets

If the season ended right now, the Nuggets would be in the playoffs, Jeff Bzdelik would be Coach of the Year and Carmelo Anthony would be Rookie of the Year. Who saw that coming?

DOWN: Orlando Magic

Bringing in the indifferent Rod Strickland to play point is the definition of desperation. Should be good news for the courtside hot dog vendors at TD Waterhouse Centre though.

UP: Erick Dampier

The Golden State Warriors center got right with coach Eric Musselman and is leading the league in rebounding, just in time to be a free agent in the offseason.

DOWN: Michael Jordan

A Chicago paper says Jordan could come back as a Bulls reserve if the team is in contention after the All-Star break. Four words, Michael: Just don't do it.


"What you need to do is go into that locker room and find out what the hell Brendan Haywood had to eat today."

- Detroit Pistons reserve Darvin Ham, after Haywood had a career-high 23 points for the Washington Wizards in a loss to the Pistons.

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