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December 07, 2003|By Carol Kleiman | Carol Kleiman,CHICAGO TRIBUNE

I'm fed up with the private sector: After working for 22 years for a Fortune 500 company, I was downsized. Many things happened that made me ashamed, angry and disgusted. It is a very difficult job market, and I feel many of the top companies are run by arrogant crooks. I'm switching to nonprofits after this.

I'm sorry you've had all those bad experiences, and all of us know about the greediness and misdeeds of some corporate CEOs. But I get plenty of complaints from workers about the nonprofit sector - not so much about illegal activities but about how hard it is to work for some of the agencies.

I've been an administrative assistant ever since I graduated from high school a few years ago. I've become pretty unhappy with office work and have been thinking about going to college for a while now. The only way I could afford to go to school full time is to move back in with my family and take out loans. I don't know if I should continue to spin my wheels here making very little money. Is it a bad reason to go back to school to get out of a bad job market?

You would be getting out of a bad job market and a bad job. And many people are getting college degrees while waiting for the job market to improve. A good reason to attend school is to prepare for something you are passionate about doing for the rest of your life. If you are willing to make the sacrifices required, go for it! Now is the time in your life to take risks.

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