A retreat for winter

Merry Xcess

December 05, 2003|By Susan Reimer

Here's a gift whose time is now - as in today, with the first blast of winter weather coming to visit.

For the (overly?) cautious parent who too often finds herself saying, "Don't run with those scissors!" or "You'll put your eye out with that thing!" or "You won't quit until somebody gets hurt!" Alsto's catalog offers a thoughtful gift for your worrisome child: an Inflatable Igloo Playhouse.

Caution surely has its place in winter fun, and no parent wants to have to dig a child out of a poorly constructed snow fort. So Alsto's offers this play center - with two entrances for extra safety - made of white and blue cold weather-resistant PVC.

It is easily inflated with a foot pump - selling for $24.95 - and there's room for as many as four neighbor kids, ages 3 to 6.

That takes care of one winter worry. Now if only Alsto's could devise something for the child who always has to use the bathroom the minute he steps outside in his snowsuit.

Inflatable Igloo Playhouse, Alsto's catalog No.89901-00, $99.95 plus shipping and handling. Call 800-447-0048 or go online to www.alsto.com.

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