Chocolate factory run amok

Merry Xcess

December 01, 2003|By Julia Furlong

Remember when grandpa used to grumble about how a chocolate bar only cost him a few pennies in the good ol' days? Well, hide the latest Godiva Chocolatier catalog, because the poor old guy just might keel over. Chocolate has reached a new extreme of decadence, as illustrated by the 24-Karat Tower with Signature Ribbon, a 7-pound, 4.95-ounce mountain of truffles, chocolates and other confections, priced at an anything-but-modest $250.

Have a taste for a richer flavor? How about the new 12-Month Godiva Gift Ensemble, for $350? Every 4 weeks for an entire year, the lucky recipient will have an indulgent box of biscuits, chocolate, coffee and truffles delivered to his or her door. And don't forget: The more you buy, the more you save. Godiva generously offers a string of discounts based on price level. Spending $3,001-$6,000 on chocolate? Save 15 percent. $6,001-$15,000? Get a 20 percent discount!

To go with all that chocolate, why not a few complementary gifts?

If your insensitivity matches the girth of your loved one, consider Manshape Briefs. After consuming pounds of sweets, these high-rise wonders will come in handy to support the back and compress the gut for a slimming effect.

Or how about a gift certificate - for cosmetic surgery? For the first time ever at the holidays, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Ellenbogen is offering gift certificates for procedures ranging from liposuction (starting at $4,000) to breast augmentation ($8,000.) His office will send a note to your beneficiary with an invitation for their appointment.

24-Karat Tower with Signature Ribbon, Godiva Chocolatier catalog, item No. 76751. $250 plus $18.95 for shipping and handling. 12-month Godiva Ensemble, item No.YOG03. $350 including shipping and handling. Call 800-9-GODIVA, fax 860- 510-7330, or go online to

Manshape Briefs, Full of Life catalog, item No. FB-51128. $39.98 plus $6.98 for shipping and handling. Call 800-521- 7638, fax 800-551-4406 or go online,

Ellenbogen Plastic Surgery Institute, 310-276-3183 or online at

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