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Pro Basketball

November 30, 2003

UP: Quentin


The fourth-year guard is scoring 10 more points a game this year than last for the Clippers, and his timing couldn't be better: He'll be a restricted free agent after the season.

DOWN: Danny Fortson

There are plenty of ways to play enforcer, all of them better than what the Dallas forward did against Phoenix's Zarko Cabarkapa, when he drew a three-game suspension for a flagrant foul last week.

UP: Chauncey Billups

The guard seems to have found a home in Detroit. Averaging 23.0 points, 6.1 assists and 3.9 rebounds in a week's worth of games is a pretty good sign.

DOWN: Jalen Rose

The Bulls can't find anyone to take his huge salary, and he's going to have to play for Scott Skiles until they do.

UP: Justin Timberlake

The former *NSYNC guy is going to be a part of ABC's NBA coverage. What, Ahmad Rashad wasn't available to rock someone's body?


It wasn't enough for the world-wide leader to tick off the NFL with Playmakers. Now, it has made NBA commissioner David Stern angry with a Dennis Rodman reality series.


"You know, they could've had me for 82 games."

- Cleveland Cavaliers coach Paul Silas, when he was told that the New Orleans Hornets, the team that fired him in the offseason, were billing his return last week.

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