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November 30, 2003

Successes seen in Bloomsbury Square

The Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis is now the owner of the new Bloomsbury Square community and the residents have moved in. The Authority and its residents are enjoying 51 attractive new homes and a community center. The state has what it has so long desired, ownership of the land on which the old Bloomsbury Square is located.

It has been a long, difficult and frustrating process. Mercifully, it is now over and our attention will turn to making the new Bloomsbury Square a vibrant and functioning community for its residents. Although it was not a development process anyone would defend or care to repeat, I am proud of several things. First, the Authority did what it had to do, that is, insure that when the buildings were turned over to us they were well-built and designed, in compliance with all the city codes and requirements to which the Authority as owner is now subject, and that we secured the proper bonds and warrants for any future construction defects. We accomplished these goals.

Secondly, the Authority and the City of Annapolis worked cooperatively through many difficult issues. We supported each other throughout and our mutual partnership and involvement has made this a better community. Certainly, it is one that is now much more appropriate for its gateway location to our beautiful city.

Lastly, I cannot but sing the praises of the residents of Bloomsbury Square. They were brought into a situation in no way of their making. They participated responsibly in the process and have been asked to adjust to a great deal of confusion and uncertainty in their lives. They have been the target of unkind and unfair characterizations of their "worthiness" to have such housing. Throughout they have responded with dignity and patience. They have worked cooperatively and have been supportive of Housing Authority actions; we stayed united in the face of a process rift with blaming and confusion.

You have read much about the process and its deficiencies. Yet that same process had some great successes for partnership and cooperation. The good news is that the successes were for the city, the Authority and its residents. I hope we can build on these partnerships to further improve the lives of all the residents of public housing in Annapolis. We still have much to do together.

Trudy McFall


The writer is chairwoman of the Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis.

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