Nfl Week 12

November 24, 2003


Player, Team Att Yds TD

McAllister, Saints 19 184 2

Portis, Broncos 19 165 0

Green, Packers 27 154 0

Taylor, Jaguars 32 119 0

Lewis, Ravens 26 117 0


Player, Team Rec Yds TD

Jackson, Seahawks 7 146 2

Holt, Rams 9 145 0

Boston, Chargers 9 139 2

Robinson, Ravens 7 131 4

Dunn, Falcons 9 129 1


Player, Team C-A Yds TD

Brady, Patriots 29-47 368 2

Hasselbeck, Sea. 23-41 333 5

Bulger, Rams 28-44 329 1

Wright, Ravens 20-37 319 4

Brooks, Saints 24-39 287 1


"The Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL of old are gone. Those days are over and we will continue to win and we will continue to have success under Marvin Lewis." Chad Johnson, wide receiver, after team improved to 6-5.

"When you got a team down, it's the law of the jungle. You keep them down. You choke them and suffocate them. We didn't do that." Akin Ayodele, Jaguars linebacker, after blowing lead against Jets.

"Some guys tighten up, but we've been around the block enough, and I have to know to be patient." Peyton Manning, Colts quarterback, on leading comeback against Bills.

"We talk a lot on our team about hanging in there and playing 60 minutes of football. Today was what, 74?" Bill Belichick, Patriots coach, after fending off Texans in overtime.

"Everyone's going to say, `It's Detroit,' but a win in this league is a win." Mike Tice, Vikings coach, after getting past 3-8 Lions.

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