Source: A. Rodriguez would go to Yanks, Red Sox

But trade to those teams seen as nearly impossible


November 24, 2003|By THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS

ARLINGTON, Texas - In the latest chapter of the Alex Rodriguez saga, the unhappy star shortstop told reporters in the Dominican Republic on Friday he has informed the Texas Rangers of two teams to which he would accept a trade.

Those teams, a major league source later said, are Boston and the New York Yankees, which makes the latest development in the story pretty much no development at all. A trade to the Yankees or Red Sox is nearly impossible, according to multiple sources.

Both teams already have elite shortstops. Both have other priorities. While the Red Sox did investigate Rodriguez, it went nowhere after Manny Ramirez went unclaimed on waivers and the Rangers passed on taking Ramirez's $20 million salary. The Red Sox have spent more time on pitching. The Yankees are worrying about right field and the rotation.

"Shortstop is not a hole," one source said.

Rangers owner Tom Hicks, bedridden with the flu, was too ill to comment Saturday. General manager John Hart did not comment. Rodriguez and agent Scott Boras also were not available.

When the Rangers signed Rodriguez, they were the only ones willing to pay $25 million per year. They still are.

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