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Who's Down

Pro Basketball

November 23, 2003

UP: Baron Davis

The Hornets are leading a charmed existence these days, and Davis is healthy enough to be the difference-maker.

DOWN: Bonzi Wells

It didn't take long for Wells to pop off at Portland coach Maurice Cheeks, and to get stripped of his captaincy.

UP: Central Division

Indiana, New Orleans and Detroit are the only three Eastern Conference teams above .500 and should stage a great race to the playoffs.

DOWN: Atlantic Division

Yuck! Can anyone in this division play winning basketball? Miami, New York and Orlando are already on the draft clock.

UP: Wally Walker and Rick Sund

OK, it's early, but Seattle front office duo is early contender for Executives of the Year.

DOWN: John Gabriel

How did the Orlando general manager survive while Doc Rivers got tossed over the side of the sinking Magic boat?


"So he was basically like Ron Artest from last season?"

-- Indiana Pacers forward Ron Artest, when asked about Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Keyshawn Johnson

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