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Pro Basketball

November 16, 2003

UP: Zach Randolph

The Portland forward has gone from nowhere scrub to leading scorer, adding nearly 13 points to his scoring average.

DOWN: Shareef Abdur-Rahim

Did someone tell the Atlanta forward that the season has started? He's only the fourth-leading scorer on the roster.

UP: Ronald Murray

The Seattle guard has flipped out, as seventh-leading scorer in the league, after being a throw-in in the Ray Allen-Gary Payton trade last season.

DOWN: Gerald Wallace

Sacramento is counting on bigger things from the reserve forward, but a one-point-in-12-minute average won't get the job done.

UP: Cleveland Cavaliers

Harkening back to the Austin Carr past, the Cavs have the classiest uniform upgrade in the league.

DOWN: Phoenix Suns

OK, now that Halloween is over, please assure us that you'll never, ever wear those orange outfits again. Yikes!


"If they think they can make those shots, I'm pretty sure [owners Herb and Mel Simon] can get a uniform for them and they can come down and try to make those shots."

- Indiana forward Jermaine O'Neal after Pacers fans booed the team after it missed 12 straight shots in a loss to Boston.

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