Prepped, properly sealed lasagna can be putt off to another day


November 16, 2003|By Jim Coleman & Candace Hagan | Jim Coleman & Candace Hagan,KNIGHT RIDDER / TRIBUNE

Can I make lasagna one day, and then cook it the next day?

Not only is lasagna an ideal meal to prepare today and cook tomorrow, it's great to prepare today, freeze, and cook next month.

The only thing you need to be careful about is proper storage. If you are planning to cook it with a day or two, place the prepared lasagna in an airtight container. If you are freezing it, first wrap the pan in plastic wrap and then wrap tightly again in foil.

You need that plastic wrapp first so the acids in the tomato sauce don't start to break down the foil. So, prep it today and tomorrow get into some comfy clothes, slide into that easy chair with the remote, and enjoy life!.

Jim Coleman is executive chef at the Rittenhouse Hotel in Philadelphia, a cookbook author and host of television and radio cooking shows. Candace Hagen is a food writer and cookbook author.

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