Poster contest winners named

November 16, 2003

The Carroll County Volunteer Firemen's Association has announced the winners of its eighth annual Fire Prevention Poster Contest.

A "Punch and Goodies" reception will be held at 2 p.m. Nov. 30 at the Winfield fire hall, 1300 W. Old Liberty Road. All teachers and pupils and their families who participated are welcome to attend.

All winners listed below will receive ribbons. Grand-prize winners and all schools that participated will receive a certificate. Any pupil or school not at the awards ceremony will receive their ribbon/certificate at their respective school within a week.

Grand-prize and first-place posters also will be displayed at the Westminster library branch this month.

Information: Debbie Gartrell-Kemp, 410-875-9587 (home) or 410-848-1488, Ext. 211.

Winners are:

Hampstead Elementary, Grade 1: Madeline Purcell, first place.

Friendship Valley Elementary, Grade 1: Taylor Anderson, first; Alec Hofmeister, second; Jordan McKelvin, third. Grade 2: Alexi Bair, first; Jordan Karr, second; Meghan Borkowicz, third. Grade 4: Elizabeth Kirchner, first; Randi Lindsay, second; Meghan Macera, third.

Manchester Elementary, Grade 3: Taylor Lang, first; Izak Robertson, second; Harley Bechtel, third. Grade 4: Bryan Shusterman, first; Erica Owens, second; Serra Berry, third. Grade 5: Alex Hornberger, first; Maegan Dexter, second; Jenna Krebs, third.

Linton Springs Elementary, Grade 1: Noah Wolcott, first; Brian Spiegel, second; Lindsey Weishaar, third. Grade 2: Justine DelNuzio, first; Daphne Ried, second; Jesica Hayes, third. Grade 3: Jake Slade, first; Rachael Reiter, second, Kody Smoot, third. Grade 4: Luke Cook, first; Jeffrey Kimble, second; Mandy Butschky, third. Grade 5: Michelle Cady, first; Allie Reed, second; Kristy Lennon, third.

Elmer A. Wolfe Elementary, Grade 1: Carrie Colbret, first; Caely O'Donnel, second; Racheal Freebruger, third. Grade 2: Courtney Hoff, first; Sarah Linscomb, second; Amber Davis, third. Grade 3: Lily Lawler, first; Jordan Gosselin, second; Samantha Shiloh, third. Grade 4: Benjamin Peters, first; Douglas Brown, second; Kevin B. Cook, third. Grade 5: Megan Mayhew, first; Sarah Miller, second; Miranda King, third.

Charles Carroll Elementary, Grade 1: Teresa Taborga, first; Erica Whitcomb, second; Jeffrey McKenna, third.

Spring Garden Elementary, Grade 1: Michelle Rogers, first; Kristina Bailey, second; Peyton Allen, third. Grade 2: Hayley Briner, first; Mable Windsor, second; Sarah Riegel, third.Grade 3: Katie Frances, first; Natalie Wells, second; Jessica Tutor, third. Grade 4: Micaella Hernandez, first; Amanda Derr, second; Megan Harrison, third. Grade 5: Taylor Kahn, first; Jeff Phipps, second; Hank Endres, third.

Runnymede Elementary, Grade 1: Casey Fair, first; Alivia Burdette, second; Nathan Webster, third. Grade 2: Audrey Stambaugh, first; Elizabeth Lowenthal, second; Jessica Devilbiss, third. Grade 3: Shelby Fair, first; Ryan Gawens, second; Johnny Hill, third. Grade 4: Justine Gately, first; Kendall Kiernan, second; Brandi Schildt, third.

Sandymount Elementary, Grade 2: Rachel Mann, first; Ben Cuizon, second; Ryan Cowman, third. Grade 3: Ryan Shea, first; Lindsay Dodge, second; Grant Freter, third. Grade 4: Eugene Bosworth, first; Natalie Pashoski, second; Morgan Eichensehr, third. Grade 5: Jordan Ratti, first; Kristin Abrams, second; Kayla Goodman, third.

Mount Airy Elementary, Grade 1: Austin Miller, first; Samantha Wolf, second; Scotty Eudy, third. Grade 2: Brooke St. Martin, first; Joli Stavish, second; Elise Taddel, third.Grade 3: Kenny Gordon, first; Megan Gold, second; Courtney Bouches, third. Grade 4: Shelby Holcomb, first; Remi Stavish, second; Alissa Eudy, third.

Grand Prize Winners: Grade 1, Austin Miller, Mount Airy; Grade 2, Hayley Briner, Spring Garden; Grade 3, Katie Frances, Spring Garden; Grade 4, Shelby Holcomb, Mount Airy; Grade 5, Alex Hornberger, Manchester.

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