Letters to the Editor

November 16, 2003

State delegation: support transfer tax

This is a message to our state delegation from North Carroll County (Sen. Haines, Dels. Stocksdale and Amedori): Wake up and get with the program. Start supporting our Carroll County Board of Commissioners and give our county the funding tools it requires to close expected budget shortfalls.

Support the transfer tax or other funding-related measures that will allow our elected leaders to do what they were elected to do. Stop playing politics and accept that our entire county will suffer as a direct result of your refusal to help us respond locally to the impact of state budget deficits.

The proposed transfer tax supports their elected promise of having growth pay for itself, rather than the spreading the burden for increased services across all taxpayers. A vote against it is a vote against our schools, fire and rescue services, which is what this proposed tax supports. Carroll is one of only a handful of counties that do not have a transfer tax. Without it we stand to lose vital funding for public services that benefit seniors, children and the impoverished, as they are always the first to fall victim to the budget axe.

Before you go on record as not being supportive of our commissioners' funding proposals, remember that, as fellow Republicans, each garnered more votes than any of you in the last election and continue to have overwhelming public support countywide, which you do not enjoy. In addition, each survived a staunch primary challenge, which you are remarkably lucky to have avoided considering your ignominious records of achievement.

South Carroll, on the other hand, is very fortunate to have a responsive representation (in Sen. Kittleman and Del. Krebs). They smartly put budget realities above political grandstanding. They listen and participate in local governance issues that affect their constituencies and outwardly support our Board of Commissioners. Together with the commissioners, they are quickly rebuilding the credibility our county desperately needed to be effective in bargaining for increased state funding. You would do well to take a page from their handbooks and either lead, follow or get out of the way.

Ross Dangel


The writer is Chairman of Freedom Area Citizens' Council.

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