November 09, 2003

O's choice of Mazzilli gives reason for hope

Kudos to the Orioles for selecting Lee Mazzilli as manager.

Out of all the candidates interviewed for this job, I believe Mazzilli has the best credentials and the perfect personality to lead this club back to the promised land.

And wouldn't it be nice if Mazzilli were able to convince Andy Pettitte and a few other top-flight free agents to play ball in Baltimore?

Maybe there is hope for this downtrodden franchise after all.

Morton D. Marcus Baltimore

Talent-rich Ravens should play better

After last Sunday's game against the Jaguars, I'd be hard-pressed to recall a game in which the Ravens' tackling was so inept, and the defenders so iron-handed.

The Jacksonville runners simply stepped around the Ravens' defensive players and tackles were missed completely or almost made.

Also, Kyle Boller is very likely a nice kid, but he's as much an NFL quarterback as coach Brian Billick is an offensive genius.

I think Billick is going to ruin him, just as he did with Chris Redman, through ill-conceived coaching.

With so many talented and bright players -- the likes of Ray Lewis, Jamal Lewis, Mike Flynn, Todd Heap, Ed Reed, Chris McAlister, Jonathan Ogden and Peter Boulware -- this team should be playing better football.

Won't it be an embarrassment if the Ravens wind up in first place in the division because other teams just play worse than they do?

What will happen when the Ravens see a really first-rate team in the playoffs?

Bob Di Stefano Abingdon

Unchecked spending gives Yankees edge

In a letter on Oct. 26 ("Yankees spend a lot, but they do it wisely"), Robert A. Gordon tries to paint the New York Yankees as wise spenders and contends that other teams "have a lot of money but don't know what to do with it." He also describes the need for a solid farm system to go with spending.

The facts show otherwise. No other team can match the broadcast revenues of the Yankees and none can effectively compete with them for key free agents.

Over the past few years the Yankees were able to fill their roster with Mike Mussina, Jason Giambi, Alfonso Soriano, Hideki Matsui and Jose Contreras.

Their bid for Soriano was double the amount of any other team, and they outbid all comers for Matsui. And the Contreras contract was even more egregious.

The only reason the Yankees are able to contend every year is that they are able to spend freely with no limits. Other sports, especially football, are fan-friendly with a level playing field through revenue sharing and payroll limits.

Yankees owner George Steinbrenner would be lost in that type of competition.

Fred Davis Pasadena

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