Writing contest winners named

November 09, 2003

Carroll Community College has announced the winners of the seventh annual Student Writing Contest, held in conjunction with yesterday's Random House Book Fair, for grades 1 through 12.

Students were invited to submit previously unpublished short stories and poems. First-, second- and third-place awards were available in each category for each grade level. Teachers from the Carroll County public school system judged the entries.

All winning entries were published in the seventh edition of Writers Today ... Authors Tomorrow, sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Carroll County.

First Grade Short Story: Gregory Bennett, first; Alexi Bair, second.

Second Grade Poetry: Brittany White, first; Anna Parsons, second; Megan Lowe, third.

Second Grade Short Story: Nicholas Dantzler, first; Catalina Righter, second.

Third Grade Poetry: Rachel Miller, first; Heather Hassell, second; Casey Pooton, third.

Third Grade Short Story: Alex Simms, first; Veronique Lacroix, second; Maggie Mae Myers, third; Matthew Dixon, honorable mention.

Fourth Grade Poetry: Samantha Straitz, first; Jennifer Straitz, second; Allison Dearie, third.

Fourth Grade Short Story: Brittany Prouser, first; James Rawlings, second.

Fifth Grade Poetry: Caitlin Conlon, first; Jessica Biemiller, second; Lisa Johnson, third; Amy Kunz, honorable mention.

Fifth Grade Short Story: Paul Griffin, first; Stephen Gilles, second; Megan Lin, third.

Sixth Grade Poetry: Katie Baird, first; Rachael Thompson, second; Shelby Chaffman, third; Alex Bull, honorable mention.

Sixth Grade Short Story: Zachary Tine, first; Matthew Reimer, second; Stephanie Lambert, third.

Seventh Grade Poetry: Alex Lamb, first; Danielle Komiske, second; Alex Lange, third.

Seventh Grade Short Story: Stephanie Kershaw, first; Alex Lamb, second; Angelo Lodati, third.

Eighth Grade Poetry: Daria Murosko, first; Alexandra Guerriero, second; Katelyn Horn, third.

Eighth Grade Short Story: Lydia Hochheimer, first; Emily Henry, second.

Ninth Grade Poetry: Laura Bailey, first; Alice Harden, second; Christine deBenedictis, honorable mention.

Tenth Grade Poetry: David Roop, first; Jenny Burgoyne, second; Stephanie Keeney, third; Kenneth Forney, Ashley Mills, honorable mention.

Eleventh Grade Poetry: Holly Straup, first; Daniel Ryder, second; Mark Porter, third; Scott Schoenberg, Sara Varner, honorable mention.

Eleventh Grade Short Story: Katie Roling, first; Callie White, second.

Twelfth Grade Poetry: Trisha Jorda, first; Kami Shipley, honorable mention.

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