Opus, noble penguin, waddles into view again

Note to Readers

November 09, 2003

It's no red herring. Or pickled, for that matter.

Opus the cartoon penguin, chronicler of all that is true and right and aerodynamically incorrect, is returning from a self-imposed exile.

Opus, the first regular comic strip from Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Berke Breathed in eight years, begins its Sundays-only run in The Sun Nov. 23.

Breathed broke into newspapers with Bloom County in 1980, and won the Pulitzer for that pioneering strip in 1987. Bloom County was succeeded by Outland, which featured many of the same characters and was published until 1995. In the years since, Breathed has been busy writing children's books, publishing collections of cartoons and is about to write a movie based on the adventures of Opus.

As for Opus, there's a bit of mystery surrounding the new strip. What we can tell you is that its penguin hero will be starting out about as far from Bloom County as he could get -- back home in Antarctica. Oh, and like many former rebels, living with Mom again.

As Bill the Cat might say: "Aaack!"

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