Interview timeline

November 08, 2003|By Joe Christensen

Eddie Murray

Position: Indians hitting coach

Date of interview: Oct. 2

What Murray said: "This could be a special situation here, with where the ballclub is and wanting to make a few changes here and there. And it's a place that I know, believe it or not, I'm comfortable."

Where he stood: Early front-runner.

Sam Perlozzo

Position: Orioles bench coach

Date of interview: Oct. 14

What Perlozzo said: "I will tell you that I'm an energetic guy. I like communicating a lot with our players. I don't think I would stop coaching [as manager]. I've been coaching for 17 years in the big leagues."

Where he stood: In-house favorite.

Rich Dauer

Position: Brewers bench coach

Date of interview: Oct. 15

What Dauer said: "I have worked with the younger players. I have seen that if you're going to get anything out of them, you've got to be positive with what you do or what you say. Not only do they respect you more for it, but they're also willing to put in a little bit more effort to make them a little bit better player."

Where he stood: Stock skyrocketed after interview.

Rick Dempsey

Position: Orioles first base coach

Date of interview: Oct. 16

What Dempsey said: "If they say that a team adopts the personality of its manager, then they're going to be very intense between the lines and very loose outside the lines."

Where he stood: Impressed with serious side.

Terry Francona

Position: Athletics bench coach

Date of interview: Oct. 28

What Francona said: "It [managing the Phillies] was a tremendous learning experience, and I think because of that, the next time I manage, I think I will be better and definitely more prepared to be successful."

Where he stood: Previous experience no help.

Tom Foley

Position: Devil Rays third base coach

Date of interview: Oct. 29

What Foley said: "I think I would be somewhere in between. I don't think I'm as laid-back [as Hal McRae], but I don't think I'm as fiery as Lou [Piniella]."

Where he stood: Rising prospect fell flat.

Lee Mazzilli

Position: Yankees first base coach

Date of interview: Oct. 30

What Mazzilli said: "It's not just the X's and O's. That's not the biggest thing with managing. The biggest thing is managing players' personalities, having guys ready to play and wanting to come to the ballpark each day, believing they can win."

Where he stood: Blew them away.

Grady Little

Position: Ex-Red Sox manager

Date of interview: Oct. 31

What Little said: "I also know my first year in Boston, we won 93 games, and I felt like the second year I was a better manager than the first. And I feel the same way if I get the opportunity to manage again: I'll be better the second time around going through it."

Where he stood: Still scarred from ALCS.

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