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November 02, 2003|By Gailor Large | Gailor Large,Special to the Sun

I live in Howard County and want to start doing more strenuous hikes. Are there any good trails to use this late in the season?

November is a great time for hiking. Not only does cool weather make long hikes easier to manage, you'll also have more privacy on the trails.

The Sierra Club of Howard County sponsors four hikes in November: Cat Rock / Cunningham Falls, Harpers Ferry, Caledonia / Michaux Forest and Prince William's Forest. For details, go to (select "Maryland" under "My Backyard" and then select "Events and Outings").

Also check out 50 Hikes in Maryland by Leonard Adkins and Baltimore Trails: A Guide for Hikers and Mountain Bikers by Bryan Mackay and Sandra Glover.

Plan to start your hike early (the days are shorter), and dress in layers.

I used to stretch my triceps by grasping both hands behind my back. After suffering a shoulder injury, I don't have this range of motion anymore. Can you suggest any alternatives?

Use a towel to bridge the gap between your hands. With one hand over your shoulder and the other reaching up the middle of your back (each holding one end of the towel), gently pull down on the towel with your bottom hand. For a similar stretch (though not as deep), put one arm over your head, elbow bent. Grasping your elbow with the opposite hand, slowly pull it back until you feel the tension in the back of your arm. Hold for 30 seconds, then repeat on the other side.

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