Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

November 02, 2003

Bohemia Manor story needed newer photo

In regard to the article "Finding Bohemia on the Chesapeake" (Oct. 26):

I grew up spending the summers in Hack's Point on the Bohemia River. This is the "small stream" that separated Herman's estate, but you failed to mention its name.

Also, I notice that the picture you show was taken in 1954. If this is in fact the "house that stands today" belonging to the Bayard family, why such an old photo?

Also if it is, you did not mention the remains of, what we knew as, the original manor house; which lays just to the southeast of today's manor house.

It was burned by vagrants in the 1950s or '60s, just before the then owner of the estate was supposed to be refurbishing the old place.

If your picture is really of this house, then your statement of still standing is sort of misleading. Plus a picture of the present day manor house would have been in order also.

Scott Tomlinson


Abingdon resident faults shelter article

I would like to say how extremely disappointed I am in the reporting of the transitional homeless shelter to be placed in Long Bar Harbor [Oct. 26].

It was biased and completely unfair to the opposing side. I am a resident of this shocked Long Bar Harbor community, and would like to offer our side of the story.

A homeless shelter who houses drug addicts and people with unstable mental disabilities should not be placed in a community with an abundance of small children and the elderly.

Recovering alcoholics should not be placed within walking distance of two bars, and the FCCAU should not have "snuck" this project into our community without so much as a how do!

The community offered the FCCAU six other properties for consideration (including one on Ms. Tilton's street), only to be told by the FCCAU lawyers not to contact them anymore!

I do support the cause for a homeless shelter in Harford County ... but not in a well established residential community.

They should look into either NEW property, farm land or a commercial area (as this nonprofit organization is charging rent).

Also, I or MY neighbors have never received a letter nor a visit from the FCCAU to inform us of this project, as your paper reported.

I will be hereby canceling my subscription to your slanted, one-sided newspaper.

Leslie Lovegrove


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