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October 30, 2003


Joe Strummer, the former Clash singer, unexpectedly passed away in December, leaving his new album, Streetcore, to be his last. Whether it sounds the way he wanted it to sound is not known, but regardless, his passion -- for music, humanity and life -- shows through. page 26.


Robbie Conal creates portrait posters featuring the faces of those in the national and international news, often juxtaposed with a few carefully chosen words to conjure controversy and stir emotions. page 14.


If the weather's cooperating, why not get a taste of the best of fall and get a jump on your holiday shopping by visiting Baltimore's old Antiques Row? page 34.


Solomons Island is certainly quaint, but quaint doesn't mean boring. From the Calvert Marine Museum to the Annmarie Gardens to the famous Tiki Bar, there's plenty to do in this bay town. page 22.


Kumari brings another Indian restaurant to the crowded Mount Vernon scene, but a few things do set it apart: It serves Nepalese as well as Indian food and has incredibly charming service and decor. page 18.


What: "Fantastic: A Tribute to Elton John" featuring Elton impersonator Stephen "Even Stephen" Sorrentino

Where: Shriver Hall Auditorium, Johns Hopkins University, 3400 N. Charles St.

When: Tomorrow at 8 p.m.

Why: Need you ask? Because crocodile rockin' is somethin' shockin' when your feet just can't keep still. Because the spotlight's hittin' somethin' that's been known to change the weather. And more than that, because Even Stephen will don an array of flamboyant costumes and sunglasses fit for the Rocket Man. And because Even Stephen can mimic the mannerisms, as well as piano and vocal style, of the rock star, playing songs such as "Take Me to the Pilot," "Your Song," "The Bitch Is Back" and "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting," while joined by a classic-rock band. There'll even be (don't cringe) a tribute to Marilyn Monroe with "Candle in the Wind." Bring your Bic.

Tickets: $15 in advance or $17 at the door.

Information: Call 410-516-7157.

-- Lori Sears

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