High school honoring academic-letter winners

October 28, 2003

Oakland Mills High School has awarded academic letters to recognize the accomplishments of more than 90 of its students.

To qualify for the award, students must be on the silver or gold honor roll, maintaining a 3.5 grade-point-average for all four quarters of the past school year.

To celebrate the accomplishments, parents, students and staff members are invited to the school's Academic Letter Breakfast at 7:45 a.m. today in the school cafeteria.

This year's sophomore, junior and senior recipients of the academic letter are:

Mahmoud Abouelrous, Kelcy Adamec, Amy Adler, Daniel Alexander, Peter Alpert, Paul Ambas, Travis Anthony, Delicia Atkins-Bey, Ian Balina, Andrew Ballard, Michael Beare, Nidhi Bedi, Jenna Berge, Summer Blake, Naana Boampong, Jonathan Buechler, Brian Burkhalter, Jennifer Burt, Dayana Castillo-Villarreal, Molly Chilcoat, Leanne Creamer, Matthew Croley, Jennifer DiNoto, Richard Duarte, Victoria Elkis, Julie Finkel, Megan Firko, Sean Flanagan, Rebecca Freifeld, Kevin Gibson, Michele Goins, Tiffany Goins, Brittany Harris, Trevor Hawkes, Rachel Heinly, Monica Holloway, Nicholas Hopkins, Daniel Howse, Jasmin Jennifer, Andre Johnson, Ashley Johnson, Faith Johnson, Melissa Jones, Kathryn Kimble, Sarah Klyap and Jyoti Kuvelker.

Also receiving letters are Alexis Lanz, Elise Lowe, Sarah Lowe, Marissa Ludwig, Shawn Magnuson, Christopher McKitterick, Joy Meeder, Amanda Mezei, Allison Molchany, Eric Nathan, Jeffrey Nathan, Jennifer Nathan, Lumnwi Ngwa Suh, Alexandra O'Neal, Molly Pieplow, Bernard Poblador, Cynthia Pope, Charondra Pryor, Kristi Raschka, Jessica Rennenkampf, Emily Richardson, David Robinson, Song Seo, Dana Shepherd, Jihyon Shin, Brian Silvea, Tracy Singer, Joshua Smalley, Shannon Smith, Elaine Soto, John Stanley, Nicole Stenpeck, Catherine Stephens, Elizabeth Stephens, Michael Sweatt, Nauroz Syed, Alexander Theiss, John Thornton, Claire Tolbert, Lisa Tran, Jeremiah Tsang, Mary Vogel, Amber Wendland, Kelly Wiemann, Kwon Yang, Yerie Yang and Yang Zhao.

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