"You could say, `Yeah, it's just Detroit.'

October 27, 2003


Player, Team Rec Yds TD

Holt, Rams 7 174 1

Moss, Vikings 7 125 2

Graham, Patriots 7 110 0

Hall, Chiefs 4 107 1

Hilliard, Giants 9 100 1

Smith, Panthers 9 100 0


Player, Team C-A Yds TD

Collins, Giants 23-39 375 2

Bulger, Rams 22-37 375 1

Hasselbeck, S'hawks 26-43 347 3

Green, Chiefs 20-35 273 2

Manning, Colts 22-30 269 3


Player, Team Att Yds TD

Davis, Panthers 31 178 2

Shipp, Cardinals 35 165 0

J. Lewis, Ravens 32 134 1

Henry, Bills 22 124 0

Pittman, Bucs 30 113 0


"You could say, `Yeah, it's just Detroit.' But [other] teams look at us and say, `Yeah, that's just Chicago.' " Bryan Robinson, Bears tackle, on not taking the Lions lightly.

"It's as high as you can get to as low as you can get." Joey Harrington, Lions quarterback, after officials ruled that Detroit recovered an onside kick too early, ending its comeback bid.

"Some of these weeks we're going to have to score more points." Tom Brady, Patriots quarterback, on team's struggles inside the red zone against the Browns.

"We've been through 14 days of being told from every which angle, every which way, in every language, that we're not very good." Dave McGinnis, Cardinals coach, after his team beat the 49ers in overtime.

"I knew going in what the plan was. Did I want to stay in? Yes, but it's not my decision." Vinny Testaverde, Jets quarterback, on being replaced by Chad Pennington.

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