Probe continues into death of boy hit by crossbow

October 27, 2003|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

Authorities are investigating the death of a Parkville fifth-grader killed by a crossbow while hunting in Talbot County on Saturday evening.

The victim, identified as Tyler Stephen Mattison, 10, a Seven Oaks Elementary School pupil, was shot while he and his father, Christopher Stephen Mattison, 39, hunted on private property along Norwich Creek Drive in Queen Anne.

Neighbors described the senior Mattison as an avid sportsman and his son as an animal lover.

"Oh my God, it's sad. We've known him since he was born, and I saw them when they left to go hunting Friday evening," said the Mattisons' next-door neighbor, John Sparr. "How could the boy get in the way of a bow?"

Investigators from the Maryland Natural Resources Police were trying to answer that question, said DNR spokeswoman Heather Lynch. "This remains under investigation. All our investigators are all over it and trying to get to the bottom of what happened," she said.

Lynch couldn't disclose whether the Mattisons were licensed to hunt deer.

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