Survey Says

Survey Says

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October 23, 2003

Last week's question

If you could get away right now, where would you go?

3.1 percent Anywhere not in Maryland (4 votes)

3.9 percent Camping (5 votes)

25.6 percent Europe (33 votes)

10.1 percent Mountains (13 votes)

4.7 percent Road trip (6 votes)

40.3 percent Somewhere sunny / warm (52 votes)

10.1 percent Somewhere in the United States (13 votes)

2.3 percent Nowhere (3 votes)

107 total votes

This week's question

What are you going to be for Halloween?

A cartoon character

A celebrity

A monster

A superhero

None of the above


Vote at / live. Post your answer and see what others have to say, then look for the results (and a new question) in next week's LIVE! section.

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