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October 16, 2003|By James Coates | James Coates,CHICAGO TRIBUNE

The cursor has been disappearing while I browse the Internet. Any ideas as to how to stop this? I run Windows 98 with Internet Explorer 6.

Let's start with the possibility that the author of a Web page wrote the underlying HTML code to make the cursor disappear when it moves over certain parts of a page. Tapping the Control key, which makes the cursor appear, usually can thwart this.

Another possible issue is that your video card is making the cursor move so fast that you cannot see it. You can slow the cursor with the mouse control panel, which is reached in Windows 98 by clicking on Start, Settings and Control Panel.

If your mouse has fancy attributes, the control panel might be more complex than the basic one, but look for a tab called Motion. There will be a slider bar to slow or speed that rodent. Make it real slow and see if that's your fix.

Usually there is a check box on that control panel to enable you to have the mouse leave a trail of gradually fading copies of the cursor as it moves across the screen. This often will make a cursor visible when glitches stop the display of one icon.

Finally, if you have a conventional mouse with the small rubber ball on the bottom, dust and lint in it might cause the internal wiring to lose contact and thus lose the display. Removing the little cover and wiping the ball with a clean cloth and checking the contacts inside for lint should fix this.

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