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October 16, 2003|By Chris Kaltenbach

MicroCineFest, Baltimore's annual celebration of the fringe elements of cinema, unspools this weekend at the G-Spot, 2980 Falls Road.

Don't go looking for films to warm the cockles of your heart, or films the whole family can enjoy, or even to get an advance look at what will be hitting cineplexes over the next few months. No, the folks showcased at MicroCineFest are far too subversive for such things. "Inventiveness" may be the key word when it comes to these films, but it's followed closely by "warped," "off-center," "defiantly not for all tastes" and -- most definitely -- "done on the cheap."

Among the offerings running at the G-Spot through Sunday are Druid Gladiator Clone (6 p.m. today), about an evil druid's attempts to create a dangerous new superhero; In Smog and Thunder (4 p.m. Saturday), a mockumentary account of a civil war between Northern and Southern California; and The Real Old Testament (8 p.m. Sunday), in which figures from the Bible's older half, done in the style of MTV's The Real World, agree to live their lives before a bank of video cameras.

Tickets are $3 per screening. For more information, visit or call 410-243-5307.

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