October 12, 2003

Bryant's legal strategy will ruin NBA career

With the apparent strategy of trashing an alleged rape victim, a famous athlete once adored by sports fans has forever lost his chance to return to his livelihood.

The lawyers for Kobe Bryant have embarked on a scorched earth policy toward the young woman involved. This will not endear Bryant to basketball fans.

The NBA plays in close proximity to the fans in the stands, not as in football where there is distance from the field and helmets to shield the face of a player. Will the fans of the Lakers' opponents be kind to this sort of man playing in their arenas? I think not.

I wouldn't want to be a player facing such emotional scorn from spectators.

Bryant's basketball career is finished.

Reid Moore Lake City, Fla.

Fans yearn for return to the `Oriole Way'

Want to bring "Orioles Magic" back to Camden Yards? Sell the team to Cal Ripken. Better yet, give it to him.

Let Eddie Murray and Rick Dempsey co-manage. Or draw straws and let one of them have Mike Flanagan's job and the other can be manager. A winning combination if ever there was one.

Put Jon Miller back on the air calling Orioles games. Bring Chuck Thompson around every now and then.

Those of us who came up in Baltimore during the years when the team was run the Oriole Way would come back to the team.

When the team was run according to the Oriole Way, we had a winning team and happy fans. And it looked so easy. It was fun to be a fan. I can't recall the last time it was fun.

Erin Kalbarczyk Apex, N.C.

Let's hope Boller takes a cue from top QBs

I'll admit it was very relaxing watching football last Sunday and Monday, with the Ravens having the bye week. Such relaxation only happens once during the season these days.

The loss of sleep was worth the entertainment of the night games, but then I realized something: Steve McNair, Patrick Ramsey, Byron Leftwich, Tim Couch and finally Peyton Manning - what stellar games they had.

None of them was throwing the alley-oop bomb into the end zone. None of them threw the Scud missile passes like the Ravens' Kyle Boller has done recently.

Hopefully, Boller saw a few of the games and picked up a pointer or two. Let's hope he did and starts throwing the "Smart Bomb" passes.

Andy Zinkand Baltimore

Preston finds positives with D. Modell column

The Sun's Mike Preston sure surprised me with his positive column on Ravens president David Modell ["Unsung son D. Modell key to Ravens' rise as a franchise," Oct. 7].

Who would have thought Preston was capable of raving about an owner's son in such an upbeat and glorified way?

Not only did I learn quite a bit about David Modell's achievements with the Ravens, but I also learned that the tough critic side of Mike Preston can occasionally uncover a soft spot for something good and decent about the Ravens.

It was nice to see and read for a change.

Leonard Arzt Silver Spring

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