Oh, shoot

October 09, 2003

WHO AMONG US hasn't uttered an occasional satisfying - and meaningless - remark about letting someone have it? It's not as though Kendel Ehrlich is the first person ever to reach for a turn of phrase involving firearms. So, OK, maybe a conference on domestic violence isn't the best place in the world to muse about wanting to shoot someone - but she didn't mean it.

Mrs. Ehrlich's burden, though, is that she is the wife of the governor. That makes her a public person, and so her every comment is taken with excruciating literalness.

"Really," she said last week, "if I had an opportunity to shoot Britney Spears, I think I would." What was on her mind was the way sexuality is peddled to kids by the music industry, but, sure enough, there were people out there who rushed to take offense, and this then led to a stiff nonapology by the first lady, and that brought on more - well, we almost said sniping.

Stick to your guns, Mrs. Ehrlich. But consider this: The vast horde of teeny-boppers stopped listening to Britney Spears some time ago. She's trying for a comeback, for Pete's sake, and this publicity won't hurt a bit. Be careful whom you take aim at - you might be doing them a favor.

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