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October 09, 2003|By Kevin Washington

Kensington's StudioMouse Wireless ($90) is one of the better rechargeable optical wireless mice on the market, although it has a couple of drawbacks.

I found that it tracked well for the most part - although not well enough to get rid of my wired Logitech MX500 - but better than most of the Microsoft optical mice on the market. If you're within about 6 feet of the USB connected radio frequency base, you can use the mouse on almost any surface except for glass.

The cradle recharges the mouse's two AAA NiMH batteries in less than an hour, so if you leave the mouse out of the cradle and use it until the charge is almost gone, you don't have to wait long for the batteries to recharge. Alkaline batteries can be used in a pinch if you need to get on your computer immediately.

Two downsides to the mouse are minor quibbles. First, it comes with a big brick so that you not only have to plug the base station into a USB port, but you also must plug into a nearby electrical outlet. That pretty much keeps it from being particularly portable.

The second problem comes from the scroll pad. It's a webby strip of plastic on top of the mouse between the left and right mouse buttons. You push down on a part of the strip depending upon where you want to scroll. I found it a bit uncomfortable to use in the beginning, although I got better with practice.

Information: 650-572-2700 or www.kensington.com.

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