Ah, the comforts of work


October 05, 2003|By Maria Blackburn : special to the sun

Blazers are boring, jackets seem less than jazzy, and the twin set is looking a tad tired these days. For work, we can't resist the timeless elegance of a belted sweater. The sweater looks like something out of Desk Set, but it's modern too. Belted cardigans are lean, feminine and comfortable.

Image that -- comfortable work clothes.

Wear this belted cardigan (pictured, right, $69) from Ann Taylor Loft with its matching shell ($39) and pencil skirt ($59) to big meetings at work. Pair it with gray flannels and a white T-shirt and loafers on more casual days.

Ann Taylor Loft is located at the Avenue at White Marsh, Arundel Mills and Dulaney Plaza in Towson.

Good looks, good scents

When choosing a fragrance, certain things are important. Sure, it's critical that a men's cologne smells good, but we also want to know how it looks. Is the bottle cool? Is the liquid a pleasant color? Do we like the cap?

We know we're shallow. But based on looks alone, Essenza Di Zegna is one splendid eau de toilette. A contemporary little statement crafted from brushed metal and transparent glass, the bottle looks so sophisticated, so modern, so Italian. Oh, yeah -- and it smells good too. Essenza Di Zegna has a fresh, spicy and woody scent -- refined, yet natural.

Essenza Di Zegna ranges in price from $60 for eau de toilette to $19 for scented soap. It is available at Nordstrom and www.sephora.com.

To the rescue of aging hair

As if it weren't enough to worry about our faces looking older and more wrinkled as we age, now we need to worry about our hair too.

It turns out that hair also ages. And if hair is colored, chemically processed or blown dry, it can age prematurely, say the people at Graham Webb.

What's an aging person to do? Grab a bottle of Graham Webb Silk Repair, a super hydrating, silk protein-containing line of hair care products that rebuild the strength, suppleness and moisture of dry, damaged, overprocessed and chemically treated hair.

The products cost $3.95 to $12.95 and are available at salons nationwide. For a salon near you, call 800-456-0322.

Gel in a spray -- hooray !

Hair gel is like Google -- you wonder how you ever lived without it. But unlike Google, there can be too much of a good thing. A little gel goes a long, long way. Use too little and your hair flops. Use too much and you run the risk of looking somewhat greasy. And then there's that wet crunchy problem.

KMS aims to solve your gel problems with its Hair Stay Max3 Gel Spray. It distributes easily and evenly, offers the hold of hairspray and gel combined and leaves hair soft and touchable, not hard and crunchy.

The gel is for men and women with all types of hair. Because it's formulated with humectants, Hair Stay Max3 Gel Spray helps protect hair from dryness. And regardless of how much gel you spray on, it leaves behind shine, not flakes.

KMS Hair Stay Max3 Gel Spray costs $9.95 and is available at area salons. To find one near you, go to www.kmshaircare.com

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