Area church to be site of convention

Darlington to welcome national church council

October 05, 2003|By Amanda Angel | Amanda Angel,SUN STAFF

Don Nickson, the minister of outreach for Evangelical Methodist Church in Darlington, is praying that the construction on the church ends shortly. On Oct. 21, a predicted 75 fundamentalist and separatist pastors will arrive in Darlington for the 62nd annual American Council of Christian Churches convention.

"It's odd for a national convention to be held in Darlington," Nickson said of the town, which lies east of Dublin along Route 161.

Evangelical Methodist Church was chosen as the site for the 2003 ACCC convention a year ago by the Rev. John McKnight, the president of the ACCC and pastor of the Darlington church. McKnight's father was the church's founder and one of the original members of the ACCC, an organization of fundamentalist churches.

In the meantime, the church has begun construction work, which is expected to be complete by the time guests arrive.

The convention will begin at noon Oct. 21 with an executive committee meeting. It will end Oct. 23 with a sermon by Ronald Cooke of Breckbill Bible College in Virginia. The agenda includes budget meetings, sermons and two character performances.

Clay Nuttall of Baptists Equipping Nationals, a missionary organization; the Rev. John Ashbrook, pastor emeritus of the Bible Community Church in Mentor, Ohio; and Richard Harris from Bible Baptist Church in West Chester, Pa., are scheduled to speak. Frank McClelland of the Toronto Free Presbyterian Church will deliver the keynote speech.

Ed Panosian, chairman emeritus of the division of social sciences at Bob Jones University, will perform two pieces from the perspective of William Tyndale, an early translator of the Bible into English, and of John Bunyan, author of Pilgrim's Progress.

The council also will discuss concerns in contemporary America and announce official positions.

"In this business, while the truth does not change; the issues change," Nickson said.

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