Boy Scout Troop 1191 earns advancements, badges

October 05, 2003

Boy Scout Troop 1191 of Mount Airy recently held its Fall Court of Honor and presented rank advancements and merit badges.

Rank advancements were given to: Adam Eisenstadt, second class; Andrew Main and Benny Smith, first class; Justin Schlegal and Justin Eisenstadt, Star Scout; EJ Kreinar, Life Scout; John Maestri, Chris Saxton, Matthew Eisenstadt and Steven Cohen, Eagle Scout.

The following merit badges were awarded:

Archery: Nick Antlitz, Brian Coleman, Adam Eisenstadt, Caleb Hawkins, Neil Kloper, Derek Olinger and Benny Smith.

Basketry: Ian Blanchard, Bobby Martin.

Cooking: Brian Coleman.

Leatherwork: Corey Dwyer, Bobby Martin and Zack Dwyer.

Citizenship in the Community: Adam Eisenstadt, Neil Kloper, Bobby Martin and Rusty Martin.

First aid: Adam Eisenstadt, Caleb Hawkins, Tyler Higgs, Andrew Main and Derek Olinger.

Mammal study: Adam Eisenstadt, Caleb Hawkins, Tyler Higgs and Derek Olinger.

Woodcarving: Adam Eisenstadt, Dan Plante, Mason Roberton and Justin Schlegal.

Camping: Justin Eisenstadt, EJ Kreinar and Andrew Main.

Environmental science: Justin Eisenstadt, EJ Kreinar, Andrew Main and Benny Smith.

Pioneering: Justin Eisenstadt.

Forestry: Caleb Hawkins and Derek Olinger.

Rifle shooting: Tyler Higgs, EJ Kreinar and Dan Plante.

Wilderness survival: Tyler Higgs.

Orienteering: Donnie Kraus.

Shotgun shooting: Donnie Kraus and Mason Robertson.

Reading, life saving, emergency preparedness, personal fitness: EJ Kreinar.

Geology: Andrew Main and Mason Robertson.

Swimming: Bobby Martin, Rusty Martin and Dan Plante.

Family life: Derek Olinger and Chris Saxton.

Communications, personal fitness: Chris Saxton.

The troop also spent August working on the new national Boy Scout award for emergency preparedness. To earn this award, Scouts made emergency plans for their families and the troop, earned either the first aid badge or the emergency preparedness badge, and met with Red Cross volunteer Marge Libertini to learn about disaster relief services. Nine Scouts and the assistant scoutmaster earned the award.

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