No meals interrupted

October 04, 2003|By Sun staff

We hope, as you read these words, that you will not be forced to put down your coffee and Cream of Wheat to answer the phone and listen to some stranger yell in your ear about long-distance service or a ski vacation or, God forbid, a subscription to another newspaper.

And we have hope, after what happened in several Today section households the last few days. Or what didn't happen, actually: Phones did not ring.

Over two days of admittedly unscientific monitoring after the nation's Do Not Call Registry went into uncertain effect Wednesday, only two of 12 households reported receiving any telemarketing calls. From the others came once unimaginable words like these: "The first such span in forever that we didn't get a single call," and "Blessedly silent. Not a phone call."

How long this reprieve might last, who knows? The legal status of the list is unclear, the government and the courts and the telemarketers are sparring over who has access to it, who has to respect it, who will enforce it.

But for now maybe we all can go back to breakfast - and lunch and dinner and the baseball playoffs and all those awful new TV shows - in peace and quiet.

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