Iran picks team to address U.N. demand for inspections


TEHRAN, Iran - Iran has appointed a five-member team to decide the country's policy toward an Oct. 31 deadline that the United Nations nuclear agency has set for it to permit closer inspection of its nuclear activities, the daily newspaper Entekhab reported on yesterday.

The newspaper reported the team would most likely agree to closer inspections but would insist that Iran be allowed to continue its nuclear and enrichment programs and that military centers be excluded from the sites open to inspectors.

The International Atomic Energy Agency has urged Iran to sign an additional protocol by Oct. 31 that would allow intensive, unannounced inspections. There are concerns that Iran is using its sites to make nuclear weapons, a contention that Iran has denied.

Foreign diplomats said last week that inspectors had found traces of highly enriched uranium in the environmental samples taken at the Kalaye site in Tehran. They had first found traces of enriched uranium at the Nataz site last month. Iran said the traces were present on the equipment before it arrived.

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