Search for new planning chief ends

Ex-Queen Anne's director Kaii-Ziegler to assume new duties on May 5

Harford County

April 27, 2003|By Jennifer Blenner | Jennifer Blenner,SUN STAFF

J. Steven Kaii-Ziegler, former director of planning and zoning for Queen Anne's County, has been selected as Harford County's director of planning and zoning.

Kaii-Ziegler comes to the Harford County during the update of the 1996 master plan and land-use element plan, a process he is familiar with, having finished a similar project in Queen Anne's County a year ago. "It is attractive to me to work in an environment that is comparable to working experiences I have had in the past. I find them challenging and interesting," he said.

His record shows he has gone through several comprehensive rezoning plans and brought Queen Anne's County to a strong zoning plan, said Jim Richardson, Harford's director of human resources.

The national search for the new director began in late January and had nearly 40 applicants. An interview panel made up of government officials narrowed the list to four. Harford County Executive James M. Harkins conducted the last interview, announcing the decision Thursday.

"We wanted someone who was a strong man in personnel, had a philosophy that worked with our team of directors and understands the needs of the county," Richardson said.

It was these qualities that Harkins saw in Kaii-Ziegler, Richardson said.

"He has a broad knowledge of comprehensive rezoning and a management style which we found compatible with our style," Richardson said.

Kaii-Ziegler was an employee of Queen Anne's County for 14 years and director of planning and zoning for more than nine years.

He holds a master's of science degree in human resource management and administrative management and a second master's degree in management and public administration.

He left his most recent position as director of planning and zoning for Queen Anne's County after new county commissioners were elected.

"I could not support the land-use policy direction the new commissioners were interested in implementing," he said.

Kaii Ziegler replaces Joseph Kocy, who left the position Jan. 30.

On May 5, Kaii-Ziegler will become the acting director of planning and zoning for the county until the County Council confirms his appointment.

"We hope he will enhance and improve on issues we have right now," Richardson said.

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