This letter sure gets around


April 27, 2003|By HARTFORD COURANT

X marks the spot, or many spots, it seems. The 24th letter is getting a hefty workout lately, though it's not clear why. But X is on marquees everywhere.

X2: X-Men United, the X-Men sequel, claws, slashes and burns its way into theaters May 5. An indie film about the differing ways men and women look at relationships, XX/XY has opened in select markets. And the Mutant X television series, based on the human mutant comic book characters, continues to live in syndication on the WB. The first season comes out on DVD June 24.

The Matrix Reloaded slams onto the big screen May 15; The Matrix Revolutions arrives in November. Meanwhile, director Rob Cohen says Vin Diesel will reprise his role as Xander Cage in the XXX sequel, which should begin shooting next year and be released in summer '05.

Jamie Kennedy, star of the WB's hidden-camera/sketch comedy series JKX: The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, ends each segment with the phrase, "You've been X'ed!"

On Broadway, Life (x) 3, a new play by Yasmina Reza, starring Helen Hunt and John Turturro, shows three different takes on the same dinner party.

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