Jets make trade, get desired draft lift

Disappointed by position, N.Y. deals 2 firsts for No. 4

Nfl Draft

April 26, 2003|By Ken Murray | Ken Murray,SUN STAFF

Despite denying he would package two first-round picks to move up, New York Jets general manager Terry Bradway did just that yesterday to set the tone for today's NFL draft.

Bradway dealt the 13th and 22nd picks of the first round to get the Chicago Bears' fourth pick and one of four players he likes. Although Bradway declined to identify which players he is targeting, it's believed they are wide receivers Charles Rogers of Michigan State and Andre Johnson of Miami, defensive tackle Dewayne Robertson of Kentucky and cornerback Terence Newman of Kansas State.

Wide receiver and defensive tackle are the Jets' biggest need positions.

"This time of year, there's as much misinformation as information," Bradway said during a conference call. "I wasn't trying to mislead anybody. ... When I finally looked at the [draft] board and it finally shook out and I had concerns at [pick] 13, it made this decision very easy."

Bradway changed his mind about trading up when he saw how shallow the draft was in first-round talent. Excluding quarterbacks, he said there were only seven legitimate first-round "considerations."

"The rest of the guys were what you'd almost consider the one-two [first-or-second-round] category," he said.

Bradway considered trading up to the Ravens' 10th spot, but realized he needed to go higher to get a player he really wanted.

Rogers is expected to be taken second by the Detroit Lions and Johnson third by the Houston Texans. But the Dallas Cowboys reportedly are attempting to swap their fifth pick for the Texans' third to get Robertson, whose stock is rising fastest.

If that happens, the Jets could get Newman or whichever big-play receiver drops to them. Depending on whom the Jets ultimately get, they may wind up shipping a late-round conditional pick to the Bears.

"When I look at these four players, the thing I feel good about is that every scout, every coach gave them a good grade," Bradway said. "You can't say that for guys below 10, or guys we'd consider at 13.

"The reason we made this move is the board dictated it. If we had the chance to pick up two starters in the first round [at 13 and 22], we would've done that."

The Bears, who went 4-12 last season, apparently feel they can select two starters at Nos. 13 and 22. The 13th pick originally belonged to the Washington Redskins, who surrendered it when they signed wide receiver Laveranues Coles.

"We liked our options better having the extra first-round pick rather than staying at four," said Bears general manager Jerry Angelo. "We now have three of the top 35 picks in the draft and are confident we will get three quality players."

The Bears' biggest needs are defensive line, cornerback and quarterback. It's possible they may try to get Cal quarterback Kyle Boller with the 13th choice.

Chicago took the Jets' offer after weighing another from the New England Patriots. Coach Bill Belichick offered the Patriots' 14th and 19th picks of the first round, but required that the Bears switch places in the second round. Chicago would have had three picks in the top 50 in that deal.

In pursuit of Robertson as well, the Patriots were also reportedly attempting to trade for Detroit's second pick.

New England made one deal yesterday, trading one of its third-round picks this draft for the Miami Dolphins' second-rounder in 2004.

Houston has the most picks in the seven-round, two-day draft with 13. The Patriots and Bears both have 12.

Draft order

First round (With 2002 records in parentheses)

1. Cincinnati (2-14)

2. Detroit (3-13)

3. Houston (4-12)

4. a-New York Jets (9-7)

5. Dallas (5-11)

6. Arizona (5-11)

7. Minnesota (6-10)

8. Jacksonville (6-10)

9. Carolina (7-9)

10. Ravens (7-9)

11. Seattle (7-9)

12. St. Louis (7-9)

13. b-Chicago (4-12)

14. c-New England (9-7)

15. San Diego (8-8)

16. Kansas City (8-8)

17. New Orleans (9-7)

18. d-New Orleans (9-7)

19. New England (9-7)

20. Denver (9-7)

21. Cleveland (9-7)

22. b-Chicago (4-12)

23. e-Buffalo (8-8)

24. Indianapolis (10-6)

25. New York Giants (10-6)

26. San Francisco (10-6)

27. Pittsburgh (10-5-1)

28. Tennessee (11-5)

29. Green Bay (12-4)

30. Philadelphia (12-4)

31. Oakland (11-5)

32. f-Oakland (11-5)

a-from Chicago.

b-from New York Jets.

c-from Buffalo.

d-from Miami.

e-from Atlanta.

f-from Tampa Bay.

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