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Ravens (7-9)

Total picks: 11

First round: No. 10

Adding: WR Frank Sanders, CB Corey Fuller, RT Orlando Brown.

Subtracting: QB Jeff Blake, WR Brandon Stokley.

Needs: QB, DT, WR, DE, CB, RT

Scenario: The Ravens could trade up for QB Byron Leftwich, down for Cal QB Kyle Boller, or use the pick on an impact player who falls to them. Having gotten two cornerbacks at 10 in previous years, they could strike there again and get Marcus Trufant. The Ravens have enough picks to muster a trade-up in the second round as well.

Cincinnati (2-14)

Total picks: 9

First round: No. 1

Adding: CB Tory James, LB Kevin Hardy, DT John Thornton.

Subtracting: LB Takeo Spikes, FB Lorenzo Neal.

Needs: CB, QB, G, WR

Scenario: After years of picking busts, the Bengals need to get the quarterback situation squared away. They need a franchise guy, and that's Carson Palmer. Not allowing him to become another David Klingler or Akili Smith will be the key; coaching is critical. Look for new coach Marvin Lewis to get a cover cornerback soon after.

Cleveland (9-7)

Total picks: 7

First round: No. 21

Adding: LB Barry Gardner.

Subtracting: LB Earl Holmes, LB Dwayne Rudd.

Needs: MLB, OT, CB, G, OLB

Scenario: Coach Butch Davis conducted a defensive purge since the end of last season with the idea of improving team speed, especially in the back end. The Browns need linebackers, but will probably get them in later rounds. The early emphasis may be at cornerback, where Andre Woolfolk might be a match, or at offensive tackle, where they might find Kwame Harris.

Pittsburgh (10-5-1)

Total picks: 7

First round: No. 27

Adding: TE Jay Riemersma, OT Todd Fordham.

Subtracting: QB Kordell Stewart, LT Wayne Gandy.

Needs: S, CB, QB, RB, OT

Scenario: The Steelers want to improve speed in the back end. They may move CB Chad Scott to safety, and would need a corner in that case. Or they could target safety Troy Polamalu and fill the hole that way. Other intriguing possibilities are RB Larry Johnson or QB Rex Grossman.


Buffalo (8-8)

Total picks: 7

First round: No. 23 (from Atlanta)

Adding: LB Takeo Spikes, LB Jeff Posey, DT Sam Adams, DE Keith McKenzie.

Subtracting: WR Peerless Price, TE Jay Riemersma.

Needs: DT, DE, WR, CB

Scenario: Even though the Bills got Adams and McKenzie in free agency, they could reinforce the defensive line with their first pick. DT Ty Warren or DEs Mike Haynes or Chris Kelsay could be available. Another intriguing possibility is wide receiver, to offset the loss of Price. Taylor Jacobs might be tempting if he's still on the board.

Miami (9-7)

Total picks: 8

First round: None (first pick is 49th overall)

Adding: LB Junior Seau, WR Derrius Thompson, DT Jeff Zgonina.

Subtracting: TE Jed Weaver.

Needs: OT, WR, TE, LB, S

Scenario: The Dolphins have to fork over a second first-round pick for Ricky Williams, and they missed the playoffs last year. This will be the fourth time in five years they didn't have a No. 1. That takes a toll. They need an offensive tackle badly and may try to improve their second-round pick. They also could go for a wide receiver early.

New England (9-7)

Total picks: 13

First round: Nos. 14, 19

Adding: LB Rosevelt Colvin, SS Rodney Harrison, CB Tyrone Poole.

Subtracting: S Tebucky Jones, CB Terrell Buckley.

Needs: DT, ILB, RB, CB, WR

Scenario: The Patriots want a nose tackle and are willing to trade up to get him. But can they get high enough to get their top choice, Dewayne Robertson? They also need linebackers and could tap Maryland's E.J. Henderson with the later pick. With trade possibilities, there's a good chance they won't be at either of these spots when the draft unfolds.

N.Y. Jets (9-7)

Total picks: 9

First round: Nos. 13 (from Washington), 22

Adding: WR Curtis Conway, G Tom Nutten, K Doug Brien.

Subtracting: WR Laveranues Coles, G Randy Thomas, KR Chad Morton.

Needs: DT, OLB, WR, G, KR

Scenario: The Jets have enough high picks to recoup much of what they lost to the Redskins in free agency. They say they're not going to package the picks to get a premier player, but suggest they might move up a few spots. Expect them to make a run at the Ravens' 10th pick to get a defensive tackle. They also need replacements at wide receiver.


Houston (4-12)

Total picks: 13

First round: No. 3

Adding: RB Stacey Mack, OT Zach Wiegert, LB Charlie Clemons.

Subtracting: OT Ryan Young, LB Jeff Posey.

Needs: WR, DT, FS, OT, RB

Scenario: The Texans need playmakers for QB David Carr. Had RB Willis McGahee not injured his knee in the Fiesta Bowl, he would be the third pick. Now, it's probably WR Andre Johnson, who ran a 4.28-second 40-yard dash at 230 pounds. It's also possible the Texans trade down for extra picks and come away with OT Jordan Gross to protect Carr for the next decade.

Indianapolis (10-6)

Total picks: 7

First round: No. 24

Adding: WR Brandon Stokley, DT Montae Reagor.

Subtracting: LB Mike Peterson.

Needs: SS, CB, TE, DT, OLB

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