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Special Festival Guide [Baltimore Waterfront Festival]

April 24, 2003|By Molly Knight | Molly Knight,SUN STAFF

Screaming gulls, fluttering sails and humming outboard motors.

The familiar chorus of the Inner Harbor will mix with the sound of some of Baltimore's best bands during this week's festival. There's a little something to suit everyone's music taste on the schedule at the Bay Cabaret Main Stage -- from rock and soul to jazz and alternative. A few of the highlights include:


Take some lovely, lyrical cabaret, combine it with some smooth jazz, and add a dash of rock 'n' roll. The result is Boister, the six-piece band of the talented Anne Watts. Watts has become a local legend for her lyrics, which range from upbeat to heartbreaking. Her mastery of the piano and accordion is not to be missed. (Today, 6 p.m.)


No waterfront concert is complete without some surf tunes. Garage Sale offers up the kind of catchy, feel-good lyrics that go well with some fresh crab, a cold beer and a free spirit. These garage rockers serve up some of the best summertime groove in the city. (Sunday, 6 p.m.)


Infectious. Perhaps the most fitting description of the Crawdaddies' mix of Cajun, swing, soul and a little country is that it spreads so quickly, everyone's feet will be tapping at their very first note. Anchored in the talent of lead singer and bassist Jay Corey, the band is well worth a listen.


Just call them the soul of the Waterfront Festival. This 8-year-old band mixes funk, groove and hard rock for a sound that's been called James Brown-meets-Led Zeppelin. Need we say more? These talented musicians will be sure to get your groove going. (Sunday, 7:45 p.m.)


Who said the musical attractions at the Waterfront Festival have to be hired talent? Baltimore holds its own American 'Country' Idol-style competition presented by WPOC 93.1. It's never too late to quit your day job and take to the stage.

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