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April 24, 2003|By Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan | Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan,Sun Staff

Dear Cheryl, I'm getting married in June, and am having a reception with about 50 guests. The reception is in our home, and I'm wondering how to tactfully make sure my guests don't stay too late (I'm thinking 1 a.m.) so my new husband and I have a little time alone before crashing from exhaustion. Thing is, his friends, the old college buddies, will be the ones who would probably overstay their welcome. When my fiance gets going with these guys (who all live in different cities now), he can be just as bad as them!

-- Tammy in Chicago

Dear Tammy, Ahh ... men. And their delusions.

The solution is simple. If your fiance won't discuss strategy before the wedding and his friends linger, at the stroke of 1, change out of your dress and into something sexy. Emerge from the bedroom holding a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

If somehow neither he nor his friends get the message, y'know, it might not be too early to get an annulment.

Cheryl, I'm a guy recently back in the dating scene. Question: Do I bring flowers to a girl on the first real date, or is that over the top? I think it's good, but my friends say it's too much. Help!!

-- John G. in Washington

Dear John: Why am I suddenly thinking about that ho-hum Brendan Fraser movie Blast From the Past? As Fraser's trapped-in-the-'50s character discovered, dating rituals today -- alas -- are a far cry from your parents' mating dance. And appearing over-eager is a mega no-no.

When it comes to flowers on the first date, it all depends on how well you know her.

If you've been buds and this is your first foray into More-Than-Friends, it can be sweet. If you met at a bar and exchanged three sentences before swapping digits, flowers are great if you want to convey "dorky/ cheesy/downright creepy."

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