April 20, 2003

Columnist's ignorance on display at Masters

Laura Vecsey's column on April 10 ["Men-only club bother you? He doesn't give hoot"] validates all the letters that Sun readers have written about her lack of sports knowledge and the strange columns she has written.

Any sports columnist for a major newspaper that refers to the Masters as a "little down-home golf tourney," and then expects people to read future columns by her, cannot be taken seriously.

I've been to Augusta National during Masters week and seen firsthand that it is an extremely well-run event that is respected and admired by people all over the world. As one of the four majors on the PGA Tour, it can hardly be thought of by a rational person as a "little down-home golf tourney."

Ms. Vecsey has the right to disagree with the policies of the members of Augusta National. But she doesn't have the right to change them. Like it or not, private clubs don't need "full-scale diversity," as she puts it.

Ms. Vecsey should start her own club. Hopefully, it will be made up of members who used to be sportswriters for The Sun.

Rich Schurman Cockeysville

Woods lapse didn't dim tourney's excitement

Talk about clueless coverage of a great sporting event. It's hard to believe Laura Vecsey watched the same tournament on Sunday that I watched.

In her column last Monday ["At third hole, this Masters lost its bloom"], she wrote that the "bloom came off the rose at the third hole" when Tiger Woods made a double bogey to ruin his chances.

Excuse me, but the back nine at Augusta in the final round always has peak excitement, as veteran tour pros compete against the course, themselves and the pressure, and that's what happened Sunday.

The fact that Woods was not a part of it was unfortunate for him, but it was not a requirement for the fans' excitement. Evidently, Ms. Vecsey doesn't understand this basic concept of the majors, especially the Masters. Perhaps she's one of the "fans" who's only interested when Tiger contends.

The drama leading up to the playoff, and then the playoff, was nearly as good as it gets. It was a riveting back nine, plus one playoff hole, and the fact that Ms. Vecsey didn't get it, then describe it, is more than unfortunate.

Steve Bourg Ellicott City

Vecsey column misses essence of the Masters

I suppose for Laura Vecsey, the Masters "lost its bloom" when Martha Burk was ignored.

Ms. Vecsey's take on the final day's play shows her lack of knowledge, insight and feeling for the game of golf in general and this tournament in particular.

Ms. Vecsey misses the very essence of the sport and seems caught up in the mindless conception that it's all about one man.

As they say, she just doesn't get it.

Stan Bailey Baltimore

Talent of pitchers hamstrings O's staff

I almost did a "spit take" when reading last week's letter from the fellow who criticized Mike Hargrove's alleged inept handling of the Orioles' pitching staff ["Hargrove's handling of pitching is problem"].

Quality starters? Is this guy auditioning for the now-vacated position of Iraqi minister of information?

Though it may be valid to question some of Hargrove's moves, it is preposterous to ignore the fact that the Orioles' rotation is a collection of two never-weres, two never-will-bes and a one-year wonder.

Steve Couzantino Pasadena

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