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April 17, 2003|By Kevin Washington

3D Extreme 3D System doesn't jump off screen

I've come to view the phrase "as seen on TV" on any gadget's box as a sign of coming disappointment in my life. And so, the X3D Technologies X3D Extreme 3D System, which provides three-dimensional viewing of games played on your PC, met my low expectations. The Extreme 3D System was not a total failure, it just didn't seem to impress as much as it should at $99.

The system comprises hardware and software that turn the 2-D images on your computer screen into stereoscopic 3-D images - whether they're coming from a game, the Internet or some other source, such as a DVD or television connection. But you'll need to make sure you have a cathode ray tube (CRT, not LCD) monitor and an NVIDIA graphics accelerator to make this work. You'll also need Windows 98 or later for games. Windows 95 and NT will work for 3-D viewing other than games.

X3D also warns to increase the refresh rate of your monitor as high as it will go to avoid any possible adverse reactions, which would include dizziness, headache or eye strain.

If you or someone in your family has a history of epilepsy, you'll want to chat with your doctor before trying to use the Extreme 3D System.

Now, it should be said that the Extreme 3D System does provide 3-D images, they just don't look as good as 3-D images in movies I've seen. And the 3-D images were no great boon to gaming.

Information: 646-825-6163 or www.x3dworld.com.

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