Power Rankings

April 13, 2003

Team Milton Kent's comment

1. San Antonio (1) Looking darn near unstoppable.

2. Sacramento (2) Might be most balanced team in the league.

3. L.A Lakers (9) Playoff wake-up call has been sounded.

4. Dallas (3) Primed to get bounced by Lakers in first round.

5. Detroit (4) Cannot afford to have Wallace out for long.

6. New Jersey (5) Mutombo getting into flow for postseason.

7. Minnesota (6) Should finally get past first round.

8. Philadelphia (7) Most dangerous Eastern playoff team.

9. Utah (8) May give higher seed a good opening-round run.

10. Portland (10) The end is quite in sight.

11. New Orleans (11) Needs to make hay before switch to West.

12. Indiana (12) A first-round win would be a miracle.

13. Phoenix (15) Impressive stretch run should secure playoff spot.

14. Orlando (14) McGrady on back burner for MVP now.

15. Boston (13) Looking awfully shaky as playoffs come around.

16. Milwaukee (16) Bucks need Kukoc to be third option.

17. Houston (17) Looks like the lottery for Rockets.

18. Seattle (19) Strong late run ultimately falls short.

19. Golden State (20) Lots of hope for 2003-04 if Arenas returns.

20. Washington (18) Wizards need to let Brown run free.

21. New York (21) Much better than anyone expected.

22. Atlanta (22) Send Big Dog on his way, if there are takers.

23. Memphis (23) Griz should give Brown long-term commitment.

24. Chicago (24) How soon before Reinsdorf asks Jordan to be GM?

25. Toronto (25) Raptors likely to clean house, starting with Wilkens.

26. Miami (26) Could be a mess for years to come.

27. L.A. Clippers (27) Shouldn't let Brand leave, but will.

28. Denver (28) Talking about re-signing Howard, if price is right.

29. Cleveland (29) Cavaliers are on the draft clock.

(Last week's ranking in parentheses)

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