Turner re-elected chair of House delegation

April 13, 2003

East Columbia delegate Frank S. Turner has been re-elected House delegation chairman by a majority of his fellow representatives, his staff reported.

Five delegates voted for Turner, who has served in that role since 2001, he said. Three delegates have not voted, but Turner has a majority of the votes already cast.

"I plan to do a lot more planning through the summer," Turner said, particularly concerning a proposed increase in the county's real estate transfer tax to help fund school construction. Turner said the increase, which was rejected by the delegation this year, will continue to be a big issue.

He also hopes to encourage more site visits such the one the delegates made to the Cedar Lane school for developmentally disabled children.

Turner said that delegation chairmen are usually selected, not elected, but "if we're going to require the school board to have open meetings ... I want to have at least as open a process as I can."

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