A&E program demystifies the Versace family

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April 13, 2003|By Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan

In the worlds of fashion and entertainment, the name "Versace" has been front and center in recent years. We've seen the glorious gowns on stars from Britney Spears to Catherine Zeta-Jones. And who could forget the taped-down scarf dress at the 2000 Grammy Awards that some still think launched the superstardom of Jennifer Lopez?

A&E Network attempts to demystify the Versaces this week on an installment of Famous Families in Biography. The episode, which airs tomorrow at 8 p.m., tells the story behind the label, from the birth of Gianni Versace in a poor Southern Italian city to his becoming an international household name.

Featuring interviews with fashion luminaries like Vogue's Anna Wintour and family friends such as actor Rupert Everett, the one-hour special takes the story beyond Versace's death, and shows his sister continuing his legacy. It's a must-see for those who fancy themselves fashion-forward.

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